Jason Vitosky

U.S. Congressional House, District 4

Jason Vitosky

Why a Democratic Candidate?

Why not?

The #1 reason is that I've found the media ignores the Independent candidates, even if there is no Democrat running... so that's not an option. And my ideas won't change because of party affiliation; they will only change with reason. Feel free to contact me if you have the courage to express your reasoning.

The Truth of the matter is that I believe Republican and Democratic parties have been partying too much. The mainstream media is right there with them. Always LEFT -vs- RIGHT, LIBERALS -vs- CONSERVATIVES... never admitting that Demolicans and Republicrats are the same party - the Gold Party - and are NOT the solution to the problems of humanity at ANY level. If I were obligated to choose a "party", I would create one called the Human Party, because no current political party is really supporting the functions of humanity.

The worst is when one person -- say, a Republican -- is so anti-Democrat that he would never consider voting for a Democrat, even though the current sitting Republican is voting to destroy the rights of every individual, to increase spending every taxpayer's money, etc. Wake up and smell the coffee... there is NO DIFFERENCE between the Republicans and Democrats. There are very few representatives who don't vote the party line and follow the Constitution.

I believe that something must be done about the two-party system. Did you know that all conservatives are "classical liberals"? We must stop pre-judging potential leaders based on words which are left undefined in any given discussion, and we must start engaging them in controversial discussions where we identify the real problems with our government... where we put these one-word identifiers IN CONTEXT. Without context, words are meaningless and can easily be abused.

Our current two-party system destroys any critical thought in and around government. When we only choose from the same two ideas, we start looking to blame each other instead of looking for better ideas. What we need is more leaders willing to work ON the system and not just IN it. What we need is more independence [and independents] in our thought process. One thing I'd love to change [but can only come from a constitutional amendment] is how we flush EVERY single legislator and executive officer *ALL* AT ONCE, EVERY FOUR YEARS. Keeping both of our legislators at 4-year terms, we should replace HALF of them every other year. And no, it wouldn't cost any more money if we implemented Instant-Runoff Voting.

The real problem comes down to polarizing as few issues as possible with as few words as possible, completely ignoring the ROOT of the problem altogether. That is THE problem. We stop caring about the issues, because we think we already know what a "conservative" is... never realizing that, typically, no two people have the same EXACT understanding of what it means to "be conservative". Same goes for Republicans and Democrats. The TRUTH is that issues and ideals will NEVER be observed, expressed, and realized in a single word. The reality is that none of these one-word descriptions characterize how we feel about any one issue, and you will never know where a typical politician stands on any one issue until you back him into a corner on television.

What is the conservative solution to "illegal immigration"? What is the liberal solution to illegal immigration? Hmm... conservatives have had ample opportunity to solve it, but they haven't. Why is that? Because when someone says "I'm conservative", they likely weren't thinking about the problems you deem relevant. What is the conservative solution to better education? What is the liberal solution? Nobody knows until you ask an individual. Some solutions might be based on teachers, testing, cost, parenting, guidance, communication, etc. Ask a "party" for a solution to illegal immigration and it offers no solution, because it has no brain with which to think. Maybe one individual has an idea that the party will adopt... but with or without that individual, the party itself is braindead.

In fact, these one-word descriptors do their job of ignoring any brainstorming that would identify the root cause, much less SOLVE, just a sigle, solitary problem of ours. Likewise, the media's constant portrayal of a "race between Republicans and Democrats for control of Congress" is merely hogwash, designed to keep you from looking deep into your preferred candidate's platform. We must recognize the reality of any situation before we can fix it. And the reality of a Representative who is willing to hear both sides of the story and has even created a platform for feedback from voters in my state, means that voters should have much more of an immediate effect on government than we've ever experienced in all of human history.

The purpose of certain words is to DIVIDE. When I speak to people... "Independence", "Humanity", "Equality", & "Freedom" are words of UNITY that transcend any artificial boundaries, which the newsmen generate inside your minds. Where is the equality in taking $15 trillion from the people and giving it to corporations? How do you expect YOUR grandchildren to be free when they are paying off YOUR debt? Where is the independence of our monetary system? What happened to humanity? These concepts were ignored while you argued over Republicans and Democrats who are BOTH agreeing to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid... all to prop up failed financial institutions, namely banks and insurance companies. Here are the stats that I managed to save from April, 2009.

I'd really like to change the system with the approval of the people. I've got a lot of ideas, and I'm sure they're not ALL that great, but at least I'm putting them on the table. With the right feedback, we can formulate a well-organized set of goals. We need to make them public and discuss them publicly, and we can even do this from the comfort of our sofas, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week [see: BetterMississippi.com]... all without using words like "republican", "democrat", etc.... and, in fact, it's absolutely necessary to remove such divisive words from our language if we really want to solve problems. Let me rephrase that one more time... "Political Parties *ARE* the Problem."

I am very open-minded and eager to change my opinions on government "benefits" if someone presents legitimate alternatives to what I call "specific welfare" (as opposed to "promoting the general welfare", which is the entire purpose of government, as seen in the Preamble of our Constitution). We simply need more teachers willing to give away information for FREE. Representation requires two-way communication, so please take the time to teach me when I am wrong. I am more than willing to learn, but NO ONE can learn without examples.

NOW is the time to self-actualize, people.


Donations are the only way I'll be able to be able to keep going. Also, make sure friends and family are registered to vote before October 6th. Talk to your friends and family without the TV drowning out your conversation. Demand more coverage from your local media concerning the 2012 elections, especially in regards to "the issues".

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